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Murder Mystery Night Northern Ireland

Need ideas for your golf club dinner in Belfast? Want something different for your team building staff party in Dublin? Why not book a Murder Mystery Night?

Delight your colleagues with an evening of intrigue and scandal with a fun murder mystery night. We do all the fiendish plotting and planning, supplying everything you need to make the evening a success. This is a great team building evening for employees allowing them to dress up in zany costumes, adopt a new persona and immerse themselves in a fun evening of mystery and mayhem.


Available in Northern Ireland including Belfast and L-Derry and throughout Ireland including Dublin.

Our Murder Mystery Nights are great fun night for 20 to 70 people to enjoy whist having a good meal. It can be a team building event or just an excuse to have a party!

Beware when you meet your dinner guests… you could be unaware of the sinister events that are about to unfold and talking to a murderer!


You are now involved in a murder enquiry headed by our very own detective. With murder on the menu you are all potential super sleuths looking for means, motive and opportunity.

In your search for the truth you will uncover clues as well as the inevitable red herring or two. Who committed murder and why? Who had the most to gain? Add plot-twisting action and you have a case worthy of the attention of any famous detective. It’s murder, but will any of your guests be clever enough to work out Whodunnit?


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How a Murder Mystery Night works

We can provide a number of different scenarios but a typical one is as follows:

– Upon arrival, each guest receives an envelope containing a fictitious name tag and a very short description of the person they are meant to be.

– When everyone has arrived a murder takes place. The body will be lying on the floor when two police officers rush in to take control of the investigation, photographing the body, etc.

– At this stage the first course is served. Towards the end of the first course a quiz sheet is distributed by the police officers. The answers to this quiz point to the main suspects.

– The guests are encouraged to mingle between courses to discover the suspects. At the beginning of the main course the coroner’s report is released, giving more clues.

– When most people have completed their main course the officers begin to interview each guest on the microphone. This stage is very funny and lasts quite a long time. The dessert is served during these exchanges.

– When the interviews are finished the answers to the quiz are given out. These answers indicate the eight main suspects who are then questioned by the officers and the remaining guests.

– When all questions have finished everyone writes down the name of whoever they think has committed the crime and their reasons for coming to this conclusion, i.e. what clues they have noted. These submissions are collected by the officers.

– When all submissions are in, the murderer is arrested and the winner announced. This signifies the end of the murder mystery evening and is approximately 3.5 hours after the murder took place.

How many guests can the Murder Mystery Night provide for?

Ideally, the night would have at least 30 guests and no more than 70.

What do I need to provide?

You need to let us know the gender of your guests, so we can bring the correct number of identities for the event. 

You also need to provide prizes for the night.

We need:

1. Open Room (No L Shaped rooms)
2. Max 70 Guests, Min 30 Guests
3. Everyone plays a part – Mix of male and females required


Where is the Murder Mystery Night available?

Northern Ireland: Provincewide

Ireland: Donegal

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