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Night Of The Races

Race Nights are fantastic ways to raise money for a charity, your club or organisation or any other good cause. We supply up to date UK races on state of the art projection equipment, with a large screen and full pa system. We provide all the paperwork including race cards and betting tickets. We cover all of Northern Ireland including Belfast, Derry / Londonderry, Newry and the Boarder counties.


Booking Info

  • Our Race night team will setup all the equipment including the big screen and sound system. You will need 4 volunteers to be the bookies for the night. We supply all the tickets, and betting slips etc..


The tote is opened and tickets sold by 4 of your volunteer bookmakers.  There is no limit on the amount of tickets that may be purchased.

A video is then selected at random and the race is run. The money collected is split between the fund raiser and the winners. E.G.

Race One: 

  • Example Horse 1 sells 10 tickets = £10.00
  • Horse 2 sells 8 tickets = £8.00
  • Horse 3 sells 16 tickets = £16.00
  • Horse 4 sells 4 tickets = £4.00
  • Horse 5 sells 15 tickets = £15.00
  • Horse 6 sells 16 tickets = £16.00
  • Horse 7 sells 20 tickets = £20.00
  • Horse 8 sells 15 tickets = £15.00
  • A Total of £104.00


In the above example, the £104.00 is split 50/50. The fund-raiser would take £52.00 and the winning ticket holders would share £52.00. If horse 4 won this would be £52.00 split between 4 punters which equals £13.00 each.

Sponsors You can raise additional funds prior to your race night by selling the horses (and jockeys) and finding a sponsor for each race. Simply, approach your butcher, milkman or builder and offer them the opportunity to become a race sponsor, in return they get advertising in your race card and the compare will give all your sponsors maximum exposure over the microphone too.


If each sponsor pays £20.00. This will raise £160.00 and help cover your overheads. Pre Selling Then sell all the 64 horses for £2.00 each.


This raises another £128.00. You then obtain eight prizes, to give to each winning owner as the owners prize.

You do the same with the jockeys. By pre-selling you will be able to go into profit before the race night is held.

Can I contact the act directly?

Of course! Once you’ve made a booking with our race night manager, you can get in touch with them to ensure you get the most out of your day.

What are your Race Night’s power and space requirements?

Our race night will need space for a big screen and projector and also space for dj system. You will also need a table setup for your volunteer bookmakers. The race nights require access to a power socket.

Where are your race nights available?

Our race nights can be hired throughout Northern Ireland and the border counties.

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